The Elevation Box-420 Edition


Canada's premier, deluxe smoke accessory discovery box. Our 4/20 edition offers 10 items, including smoke accessories, lifestyle products, and delicious Canadian made snacks. Always an original, handmade piece in every box!

The 420 Edition features a Giblock from Gibsons Glassworks. It is a one of a kind functional glass piece that can be smoked and enjoyed, or displayed and admired.  Also included is a classy GX series dugout made by Futo, with a glass one hitter, this piece is sure to impress. You will also find a beautiful ceramic rolling tray from Spirit Cannabis Designs and a sweet scented candle from Chronic Candles in either Maui Wowie or Blackberry OG scent. Look for some great all natural 1.1/4 rolling logs with tips by our friends at Canadian Lumber. We have included 2 packs of Canadian Lumber rolling papers in our Elevation Box, The Hippy and The Greens. Papes Canada has provided us with some great 1.1/4 pre-rolled cones with tips! In addition you will find hemp wick from Artisanal Hemp Wick and a fun 420 pin from Bold Faced Goods. To satisfy your sweet crunchy munchie cravings we are sending delicious Blind Squirrel Bavarian beer nuts and to satisfy your chocolate craving you'll find a chocolate mint smoothie from Rheo Thompson Candies


The Elevation Box 4/20 edition is valued over $190.